CPO vs. BPO Reports

The Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vs (BPO) is a monthly report detailing and comparing the sales figures on Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.

Report Structure

These reports are presented as an Excel Workbook which is organized by tab.

  • Tab 1. Area Ranking
    CPO Sales vs. BPO Month to Date (MTD), Year to Date (YTD) by area, region, and country.
  • Tab 2. MTD/YTD Dealer by Area
    Audi CPO Dealer BPO attainment
  • Tab 3. Dealer Sales
    Dealer CPO sales by month
  • Tab 4. Dealer BPO
    Dealer CPO BPO by month
  • Tab 5. Country
    Region and Country CPO Sales by month
  • Tab 6. Region
    Region CPO Sales by BPO Carline by month and YTD
  • Tab 7. Area
    Region, Area CPO sales by month and YTD
  • Tab 8. Dealer CPO Sales by month, ranked YTD
    Audi CPO Dealer BPO attainment

Audi CPO Sales Report - VIN Detail

A list of all VINs reported by each dealer