Why I need Windows 10 to be Great

Its seem like I'm the only designer/developers that likes using PC over Mac. (I know, I know most of my design friends still laugh at me ) However for me I'm just much faster using a PC then a Mac.

In 2009 when Windows 7 came out I was pretty excited. Microsoft fixed most of the issues I had with Windows XP and Vista. The Windows 7 interface was now streamlined lined and the start menu had many useful features. 

So now fast forward to 2015 and my Windows 7 machines are getting a little long in the tooth from a OS perspective. (We won't even talk about the whole Windows 8 mess) I've seen versions of the pre-release Windows 10 OS and its looks very promising. Windows 10 FINALLY has multiple virtual desktops. The start button has returned and the new live title feature in the start button look very cool and helpful. If you want all the technical details take a look at the video below. 

For me I just need Windows 10 to be great because I just want to look cool and trendy to my design friends. While being a little more productive at the same time. I know its sounds wack but hey part of the reason I got into web design and development was to show off all my cool computer stuff. lol. 

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